13 Halloween Crafts Using Baby Food Jars

13 Halloween Crafts Using Baby Food Jars - Adorable!

If you are like me you hate throwing away baby food jars.  These jars have such a nice shape and they’re in perfectly good condition after only being used once.  Our family is temporarily out of the baby food stage right now but with a little one on the way it won’t be long before I’ll have more tiny glass jars coming in.  Call it nesting, or being creative but lately I’ve been thinking of new ways to organize and reuse the things we already have.  We have plenty of leftover baby jars because it was so hard to put them all in the recycle bin and today I decided I want to find a good use for these jars.  Some may end up holding lost buttons, spare change, or my daughter’s crayons but some will definitely be used to make some crafts.

Today, I have a round up of adorable Halloween crafts to share with you.  I hope you’ll enjoy them!  If you do please feel free to pin the image above to share these ideas with others.

Let’s get started!

1.) The 36th Avenue shows you how to make glitter slime and adorable glitter monster jars to hold the slime!

2.) The uber talented Martha Stewart has a tutorial on how to make Jar-O’-Lanterns (the name is even cute!).

3.) ThinkCrafts.com has a simple tutorial to turn a jar into a chalkboard pumpkin. They don’t use baby food jars but I think they could easily be substituted.

4.) Crafts by Amanda has a brilliant idea for using old lids from bottles to make monster faces.  Again, you could easily substitute baby food jar lids here.

5.) Pink Cake Plate shares a simple craft using dollar store items and baby food jars (or other jars) to make owl apothecary jars.

6.) Kerry on Family Crafts shares how she easily turned full baby food jars into spooky decor.

7.) SmallTypes.com has a tutorial for turning baby food jars, wire, and stickers into a sweet mantle decoration.

8.) TheAutoCratHaley.com shares a simple ten minute craft for making sweet treat jars.

9.) Lil’ Luna tells how she baked mini cakes inside a small mason jar and I think this would also work in a large baby food jar.  Yum!

10.) Michelle Paige has a unique take on Halloween goodie jars.  She uses black and white houndstooth duct tape on the outside and marshmallow peeps on the inside.  Cute and sweet!

11.)  Crafts Redesigned shares a simple tutorial to make a not-so-frightening mummy luminary.

12.) I Heart Nap Time tells how she made cute gift jars using scrapbook paper, ribbon, and lace.  This is adaptable for any occasion!

13.) BHG.com shares how to make an adorable Frankenstein face candy jar using a baby food jar and items from a craft store.

That’s all the jar crafts I have to share for now but keep checking back because I’m sure I’ll find some more creative ways to use baby food jars and maybe I’ll even show you a few ways we’re already using them in our home.

What ways do you repurpose baby food jars?

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  1. hahaha the frankenstein face is super cute!! i think my fave is the gauze mummy- i wonder if i can find any baby jars- or use mini masons.

  2. Those are SO adorable and really creative! I love the mummy jars! I have a baby that’s eating from baby food jars right now so perfect timing!

  3. Jennifer Soltys says:

    People are so creative!!! These are so adorable. I need to be more crafty, darnit!! lol Those little mummy jars are the cutest ever.

  4. Daisy Tremorev says:

    Awe, these are so adorable. I love the little pumpkins.

  5. Those are so cute! I will have to keep this in mind for next year when I’ll have lots of baby food jars.

  6. Melanie Roberts says:

    This is sooo cute… love all the craft ideas and I’m super excited for Halloween now, have to Pin this so I will remember all these cute crafts like the “pumpkins” or ghost.. ahh soo cute

  7. These ideas are so cute and creative. What a great roundup. Makes me wish I would have put some use to the baby food jars my kids went through.

  8. What great ideas! Thanks for including my Halloween goodies jars!–Michelle Paige

  9. What a fun round up of Halloween baby food jar crafts. Thanks so much for including my Halloween Goodie Jars!

  10. How adorable! Making some new Halloween decor would be fun, and a way to use all those jars I just can’t bring myself to throw away.

  11. Louly McButter says:

    Ahhh thank you for posting this – this is adorable. I will now be asking my sister to save her baby food jars as it’s been quite some time since I’ve had any. Thanks!!!

  12. Denise Taylor-Dennis says:

    What cute ideas this would be a fun way to decorate for Halloween without spending much.

  13. We always have baby food jars around.. I just love those little mummies! How adorable!

  14. Jennifer Clay says:

    That is such a creative idea!! I have a TON of baby food jars! I know what I will be doing with them now!

  15. I really like the mummy jars.

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