Baby Shower Cake for Girls or Boys

Baby Shower Cake for Girls or Boys

This is a baby shower cake I made to celebrate my friend’s new bundle of joy.  I think this cake is perfect for a either a boy or a girl {just leave out the pink hair bow if it’s for a boy}.

This is a white cake with lemon curd filling, topped with butter cream, and then covered with fondant.  Everything is edible.  The spilled shampoo bottle was made from piping gel and the bubbles were made sparkly with edible shimmer powder.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Ombre Rose Cake Tutorial

Ombre Rose Cake

I’m a huge fan of roses and cakes so of course I love a cake covered in roses!  I did a similar style rose for my daughter’s first birthday cake that had very tight roses (see Pink Lemonade cake).  This cake, however, was made by my talented sister in law for one of her darling daughters.  Isn’t it lovely?

Here’s a little tutorial on how to achieve this look…and one slightly different rose technique.

Basic Steps to Rose Building:

– Start with your cake and put a good crumb coat on.  For those new to baking it’s just a coat of icing that conceals the cake underneath.  This can be uneven and sloppy as long as you can’t see what color the cake is underneath.
– Add a M1 tip to your piping bag and fill with buttercream.  If you don’t have an M1 tip any large star tip will do.
– My sister in law started on the outside of the flower and worked her way in so that the flowers popped out a little in the middle.  This is a very cute look but if you’re going for a more authentic looking rose start in the center of the flower and slowly work your way around and around until you reach your desired size.  Try to end your rose at the same place every time.
– If you used large roses (as I tend to do) you’ll be left with a few gaps inbetween your roses.  That’s okay!  I have a simple solution for them.  Go in and add an extra swoop along side one of the roses.  Simply follow the shape of the rose and release pressure before lifting the bag.  Voila!

Simple tips to achieving beautiful rose success:

– Use a buttercream recipe that “crusts” well.
– Make sure you have a lot of icing on hand because these roses use a lot.
– Place your finished creation in the fridge to help the icing set and the roses hold their shape.
– If you want to make an ombre cake simply add a darker icing to your piping bag each row (or two) of roses.
– Don’t be so serious!  Honestly, these roses are very forgiving so just have fun with them!  Plus, if you mess them up you can just scrape them off and add them back to your piping bag and start again.  See, that crumb coating does have a purpose!

If you have any questions please let me know and if you try out this technique yourself I would love to see pictures!!

Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas

Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas

Cinco de Mayo is coming up on May 5th and I have a great round up of party ideas for you.  There are creative food recipes, free printables, and DIY decoration ideas to help make your party fun and festive!


Cinco de mayo pinata cookies

1. DIY Piñata Cookies – These are the perfect cookies for Cinco de Mayo!  They look like adorable, unsuspecting cookies until you break them open and you find extra treats inside.  Yum!  Check out the step by step instructions on how you can make your own piñata cookies.


Amazing Queso Recipe

2. Amazing Queso Recipe – This is my own recipe for queso but I promise you, it’s amazing!  Everyone who tries it asks for the recipe.  I think it’s perfect dip for a Cinco de Mayo party.


Sombrero Cookies

3. Cinco de Mayo Sombrero Cookies – Aren’t these sombrero cookies adorable?  Learn how you (or your kids) can transform plain store bought cookies into festive sombrero cookies.  Ole!


DIY Papel Picado Flags

4. DIY Papel Picado Mexican Banner – Papel Picado is a traditional Mexican banner and this simple DIY tutorial will have you cutting intricate designs into tissue paper like a pro.


Mini Pinata Favors

5. Mini Pinata Party Favors – After everyone has taken a swing at the full size piñata you can send each of your guests home with a mini version of their own.


Muchas Gracias Printable

6. Cinco de Mayo Party Favor Bags – If you’re making your own party favor bags this printable design can really put them over the top!  This design was printed onto vellum and then each one was filled with homemade pralines.  Yum!

Thanks for reading my round up and thank you to all of the blogs who allowed me to share their genius!