Easy Party Planning With Sam’s Club

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I love talking, eating, and the occasional silly game.  What do you get when you put those all together?  A party!  It seems that we’re always throwing parties around here.  There are birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, holiday-get-togethers, and many other reasons to gather with friends and celebrate.  The best part about parties is the fun socializing and munching on goodies, right?  The worst part about parties is used to be the party planning.

Parties don’t throw themselves and it takes a little forethought to have a sensational party.  I have a simple tip to help eliminate any party planning woes you may have – Sam’s Club.  Yep, that’s my simple tip to party planning success.  My Sam’s Club Membership has helped me pull off large and small parties for years now.  They have everything, or mostly everything, I need in one location.

Here are the steps I walk through when planning a party:

  • – Plates, Cups, Napkins, & Silverware

I like to start off with the basics by choosing a theme or the colors I want to work with and build from there.  Sam’s Club is a great place to grab tablecloths and dessert plates if you need them too.

Sam's Club Flowers

  • – Centerpieces

My go-to centerpieces are always flowers.  Sam’s Club has the best, brightest, selection of flowers you will find and their prices are unbelievable.  Plus, they’re something you can enjoy for a while after your party is over.  {They have a 7 day guarantee!}

  • – Food

Okay, maybe I should have listed this as the first step because it is pretty important.  Sam’s Club has a great variety of veggie trays, meat and cheese trays, fresh fruit, and my favorite desserts.  I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been asked for a recipe for one of their desserts!  I highly recommend their danishes, brownie bites, and pies.  {I’m so excited about their upcoming pumpkin pies – they are so good I’ll never bother making my own!}

Starbucks Coffee

  • – Beverages

Sam’s Club has a number of sodas, juices, and drink mixes to choose from but my favorite drink from there is their Starbucks coffee.  It’s great on it’s own but I love to include it in my Mocha Punch recipe.  This is a delicious mix of coffee, ice cream, and chocolate goodness.

Mocha Punch Recipe

Mocha Punch Recipe

Prep Time: 15 minutes + chilling overnight
Serves: 25 people


  • 2 cups water
  • 1/2 cup instant chocolate drink mix
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 4 cups of coffee
  • 1/2 gallon vanilla ice cream
  • 1/2 gallon chocolate ice cream
  • 2 cup heavy whipping cream – optional
  • Chocolate sprinkles or curls – optional


  • – Add water to a large stock pot and bring to a boil. Remove from the heat.
  • – Add coffee, chocolate mix, and sugar; stir until it’s dissolved.
  • – Cover and refrigerate overnight.
  • – About 20 minutes before serving, pour into a large bowl. Add ice cream by scoopfuls and stir slightly.
  • – Have a bowl of whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles or curls ready for individual garnishment or you could add scoops and chocolate to the punch.
  • -Print recipe cards because you will be asked numerous times for the recipe. :)


Now back to party planning…

Sam's Club Makes Entertaining Easy

  • – Home Decor

Home decor and storage options aren’t an every day buy but sometimes it’s nice to buy new sofa cushions, baskets, or hand towels to have before the party-goers arrive.

  • – A Personalized Touch

My last step in party planning is to add a personal touch.  Sometimes that may be a homemade party favor, other times a banner.  In my opinion a party isn’t complete without a little bit of personalization.  That gives me an idea!  Sam’s Club has the cutest Christmas gift tags and I bet they would be easy to turn into festive place cards for a formal Christmas dinner.  {Check back later for that post!}

If you’re planning a party in the near future, or would like to, swing by your local Sam’s Club for all the supplies.  They make it so simple!

If you don’t have a Sam’s Club Membership yet, go to Sam’s Club Membership page for more details and info on how to sign up.  Be sure and like Sam’s Club on Facebook and follow Sam’s Club on Twitter.

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  1. I love Sam’s Club! They have really fun seasonal plates and I try to pick up the cute ones when I’m in there!

  2. I tend to go a little overboard on parties, but have been trying to make life a little simpler by picking up decorations or food items pre-made. I love the one-stop shopping at Sam’s Club. You can’t get much easier than that!

  3. I’m loving your mocha punch recipe. I’ve never tried anything like that before, and it sounds great!

  4. What a fun trip thru Sam’s Club wit you. I love that furniture..will have to go see that. The punch looks yummy. I will try that soon. -from MDF

  5. I am in love with that sofa! I saw it last week when I was shopping for our weekend party… nearly bought it as one of y party supplies too! Didn’t think my husband would be too pleased though 😉

  6. Yes, I always go to Sam’s before I have a party!!

  7. Mmm, mocha punch? That sounds like an awesome drink for baby or wedding showers. Thanks for sharing!

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  9. That mocha punch sounds absolutely divine!

  10. You really can’t go wrong with flowers as a centerpiece. I love that Sam’s Club has everything you would need for a party all in one place.

  11. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    It really looks like they have everything covered! I just wish I had a Sams Club near me.

  12. I have some birthday planning to do for my daughter who will be turning 5. I always love a good party punch. Thanks for the recipe!

  13. I love shopping at Sam’s Club whenever we have a party! I especially love their bakery items…and now I need to try one of their pumpkin pies! #client

  14. I love using my warehouse club. I need to make another trip and spend a billion bucks on EVERYTHING!

  15. Sam’s is a great place to pick up food for parties. I love their party trays!

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  17. Yum! Mocha punch sounds delicious. I love the furniture at Sam’s Club.

  18. Oh that mocha punch sounds so good! I’d like some of that right now.

  19. Looks like great party supplies. They have everything you need.

  20. I love the flowers! I think flowers make everything more festive.

  21. I love the variety of items you can find at Sam’s Club! I have shopped there many times for parties we have thrown.

  22. I just renewed my Sam’s Club membership and I am so gald I did. I had so much fun walking around the store. It’s kinda like a Toys R Us for adults.

  23. Sam’s is like a one-stop shopping place. LOVE it. Everything needed for a party!

  24. I love Sam’s Club. They have everything there. And I do mean everything. In one trip, I got groceries, cleaning supplies, a pair of pants, shopped the big screen televisions, and had someone try to sell me a retractable awning. It is THE super store. Oh, and I got gas.

  25. Sam’s club is the only way to throw a party, especially on a budget! I love the deals and hubby loves the samples!

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  27. Sam’s Club really does keep entertaining easy. Great prices and the amount you need to get the party done.

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  29. This is awesome, I have my sons party to plan for so I will be sure to check this out. Thanks for sharing

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  38. Catherine S says:

    The Mocha Punch sounds really good. I wasn’t aware that Sam’s sold flowers.

  39. Wholesale clubs like Sam’s make throwing parties SO EASY! I used to go and buy all kinds of platters and flowers for our parties, and paper products and drinks too. It’s like one-stop party shopping!

  40. Sam’s really does have awesome prices. Love the Mocha Punch idea!

  41. Those flowers are too pretty. We always get flower’s from Sam’s and the Castlewood roast beef is the best!

  42. They are putting a new one in where I live. That should help with grocery shopping for me

  43. I love Sam’s club! I never really realized how much I loved them till I got my own family!! They have awesome deals and I always love their season products!

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  45. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    My parents love shopping at Sam’s club. The punch recipe looks so good i cant wait to try it.

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    I love Sams– you can really get EVERYTHING there!

  49. The scratches were a little more difficult. Some of them were pretty deep. I sanded as much as I could, but I would have had to sand a lot of the wood away if I was going to get it as smooth as possible. I left it like this and thought it would work out okay.

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