Cooking With Kids and Ragu

Growing up I remember my mom cooking and baking with my mom.  We didn’t do it a lot but the times we did were very special to me.  I can still remember the time my mom accidentally pulled the beater bar out of the chocolate cake batter before turning it off.  I was sitting in my pjs on the counter beside the mixer when it happened.  Chocolate went everywhere and I thought it was hilarious!  She laughed at herself and took the accident in stride.  We cleaned up, baked a cake, and had a great story to tell Dad.

Now as a busy mom I want to remember to take time and cook with my kids.  The messes and mistakes are worth the memories.  Last Saturday, we baked blueberry muffins from scratch along with scrambled eggs.  It was fun but it took so long to do that it ended up being brunch.

While I don’t have time every day to involve my kid’s in each meal preparation I try to every now and then.  Tonight’s dinner was a simple one.  Ragu sauce and bow tie pasta.  Easy peasy and my daughter was able to help!  She only poured the past in the the pot, poured the cooked pasta into the sauce, stirred it, and added Parmesan cheese to everyone’s dish but I know she felt like a chef.  It may have been the chef’s hat and apron she was wearing that made her feel that way but I like to think it was because I spent time with her and allowed her the opportunity to serve her family.


Sometimes it’s the little things in life, isn’t it?

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