Knitted Baby Dress Pattern

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Knitted Baby Dress Pattern

Today is the second day of our 31 Days of Knitted Gifts!  Our previous two projects can be found here.  This sweet knitted dress is perfect for fall.  Just picture it paired with leggings and baby boots.  Absolutely adorable!  Oooh, and if you added stocking and gold shoes with a gold hair bow it would be perfect for Christmas!

Needle and yarn

US 7 – 4.5 mm

Pattern: This free pattern can be found on


Followed the listed pattern through row 27, doing seed stitch instead of ribbing between the leaves. On row 28 did 25 stitches in seed stitch, bound off 31, 50 seed stitch, bound of 31, 25 seed stitch (last stitch knit 2 together). Couple more rounds of seed stitch…then I knit 3 rounds in st st, one round of purl, and started Flora dress with 9 repeats of chart A.  I knit one round then 3 rounds of seed stitch to finish.

Baby Apple Hat Pattern

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Apple Hat Pattern

Today is the second day of our 31 Days of Knitted Gifts!  To see our previous project, go here.  This little apple hat is adorable for newborn photos or family fall pictures!

I love to see babies in hats!  Well, babies are always adorable but when you put one in a hat they are overwhelmingly cute.  So cute that women will have to make some sound when they see them.  Either “awww”, or “oh my!” or the ever popular high pitch squeal.  I hope this apple hat will bring your babies lots of compliments.  Be sure to bookmark this tutorial to share with them when they ask where you got it…because trust me, your little one will be so cute, they’ll have to ask!

Needle and yarn

Pattern: Both patterns used in this project are from and were free!  The apple hat pattern can be found here and the leaf pattern here.


I only own two 12” circular needles: size 4 and 8.  I prefer these over DPN so I used the 4’s for the ribbing and 8’s for the rest. Switched to DPNs when I had to. Used a little scrap of cascade 220 for the stem and scrap of lettuce malabrigo for the leaf.  This hat took less than 3 hours total to make. Even on size 8’s it seems tiny. I hope it fits her!

If you like this hat, please pin it so others can find it.

31 Days of Knitted Gifts

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31 Days of Knitted Gifts

This month I’ll be sharing a DIY knitted gift idea with all the details for making them.  I hope you’ll follow along with me.  {I’ll be posting the first one later today after I wake up a bit. tomorrow after I get some meds in me.  I hate being sick, I’m sorry!} :)

Knitted Booties Pattern

The first knitted project I have to share adorable little knitted booties to cover itty bitty little sweet baby feet!

Needle and yarn

In addition to the eggplant Knit Picks yarn there was a little hand-spun yarn (from a fiber festival) for the contrast color.

Pattern: From (This one’s free!)


There are lots of ends to weave in, but cute and easy.  I made the large size and they are still very tiny.

Here’s is the master list of 31 Days of Knitted Gifts:

Day 2: Baby Apple Hat

Day 3: Baby Dress

Homemade T-shirt Tote

t-shirt-tote shows you how to make a homemade tote bag out of a old t-shirt.  Isn’t it adorable!?!  I’d love to make one (or ten) of these!

DIY Monogram Wall Art

DIY Monogram Wall Art!

This simple DIY is all about making something individualized and colorful for your home. Using glass pebbles a wooden letter, and a few things you probably having lying around your house, we’re going to create a stylish initial to liven up any bare wall.

Okay, so here we go. All you need is the letter of your choice, glue (a hot glue gun worked great, available at any craft store), a wooden frame (it’s optional but this one came from Dahlia’s Flowers) and glass pebbles (or gems, marbles, fish tank decorations. You know what I’m talking about, right?).  Keep in mind the color of your letter when choosing the color of your pebbles.  Since they are slightly see through your background color will make a difference.


  1. Buy supplies.
  2. Arrange pebbles on your letter to suit your taste. Remove row of pebbles from your letter and glue them back into place one or two at a time. Continue to fill in the entire letter, section by section, until complete.
  3. Allow a few minutes for the last pebbles to dry before hanging.
  4. If you want to hang a bare frame around your letter you would do that now otherwise you’re finished.  Yay!
  5. Stand back and admire your creative and inexpensive piece of art!

This DIY Monogram wall art would make a great baby gift for new parents.

DIY Letter Art

Just look how cute it is above the crib in my friend’s nursery!

Simple DIY Wall Art

If you found this helpful, pin it so you can share it with others and access it later!

Thank you, Stephanie for sharing your simple DIY monogram art!  If YOU have a project you would like featured you can submit it here.

10 Things I love About You – Free Valentine Printable

10 Things I Love About You - Free Printable!

This Valentine printable is unlike the other ones we’ve shared so far and I think it’s a good kind of different.  The others were simple and cutesy printables that you, well, print and leave for your Valentine to find.  This one requires that you stop for a few minutes and write out ten things you love about the person you’re giving the note to.

Because my personality tends to procrastinate in hopes of achieving perfection, I want to encourage you to print this off and fill it out right now.  Right now.  If you save it for another day that day may never come.  Don’t try to think of something fancy or eloquent to say.  There’s no need to Google poetry verses.  Simply share from your heart.

{However, if you want to use this printable for your Valentine and insist on waiting to do it later, pin it on Pinterest so you don’t forget about it!}

Go here to get your free 10 Things I Love About You printable.

Words are powerful! I have no doubt that the few minutes you spend writing out your thoughts will be time well spent.  Be intentional and tell the people you care about why you love them!

By the way, I love you guys for coming by my blog and letting me share a little of my life with you.  I value your kind comments and emails more than you know.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dollar Bill Flower Bouquet

Dollar Bill Flower Bouquet

Would you like to make an adorable Dollar Bill Flower Bouquet like this one?  If so, go here to check out this YouTube video for step by step instructions craft your own.  My sister-in-law and her kids made this unique birthday gift for our niece.  Isn’t it cute?  They filled the vase will Jolly Ranchers and topped off the design with colorful ribbons.

This would be a perfect graduation gift or the perfect birthday present for a kid of any age!