100 Days of School Shirt Idea

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Do you remember being in elementary school and celebrating 100 days of school?  I do, I can remember it just like it was yesterday.  One of the teachers wore the same shirt every year.  Her shirt that had 100 sequins that she has sewn on.  The sequins looked just like these!  Oh, the memories.

The week that surrounded the 100th day of school was filled with fun counting projects.  I can remember a paper chain we made that had 100 links in it.  We of course counted out 100 pennies too.  I miss the innocence of elementary school sometimes.

Nowadays I’ve noticed, via Facebook friends, that it’s customary to wear a hundred items on your shirt.  My elementary school teacher had it right all these years!  While I’m homeschooling and don’t find it necessary to craft a shirt just for one day for only my immediate family to see I thought I would share this cute 100 day of school shirt idea that my friend made for her daughter.

100 Days Shirt

She just glued of a 100 googly eyes and wrote on it.  Simply adorable!

It says, “All eyes on me.  I’m 100 days smarter.”  I just love it.  Mainly because I have an unexplainable love of googly eyes.  On second thought, maybe I’ll make this shirt for my daughter after all.  And one for myself. :)