Leaf Craft for Kids

Leaves Craft

Now that fall is upon us our trees are starting to turn into the beautiful colors of autumn.  Instead of just raking up your leaves take a few minutes to enjoy them with this simple leaf craft for kids.  My daughter and I loved it!  It was fun to go outdoors, explore a little bit, and then come back inside to craft.  We tried crafting on the porch but it was too windy for that.

In case you can’t tell what my marvelous drawings are, one is a butterfly, one is a turtle, and one is a caterpillar who just took a bite out of that leaf.


  • – Paper
  • – Pen/Marker
  • – Leaves
  • – Glue
  • – Small twigs (optional)


Take a little stroll together around your yard and gather leaves of all sizes, shapes, and colors. Come back inside and lay out your treasures.

Come up with an animal or insect you would like to draw and play around with your leaves to see which ones resemble your animal.  Glue the leaves to the paper and then draw the remaining part of your picture.  Add small twigs or other crafty supplies to further embellish your creations.

You could draw a little caterpillar who ate his way through the leaf like I did on one of mine or you could draw a bunch of people and make them have crazy hair with leaves.  The options are endless.

Be silly, have fun, and enjoy nature!

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Ashley is very happily married and the mother to a beautiful little girl and sweet baby boy, and she is the main voice behind Embracing Creativity.


  1. I’d even enjoy doing this myself. It’s such a cute idea, Ashley! I wanna go outside and leaf collect right now!

  2. That is too cute! I will have to share this with my son’s preschool teachers because the kids love collecting leaves, but they have to keep them outside. This would be a fun way for them to smuggle a few leaves into the classroom and have a fun art project.

  3. This simple leaf craft is too cute not to do! My 4 year old loves doing anything with glue lately, so we will be picking up some leaves to draw later this evening.

  4. Are you a teacher? Those are so cute and creative. (Perhaps I should have asked if you are an artist?!)

  5. What a fun and simple idea for kids (and adults!) to do. I think I will send my kids outside right now, before it rains, to do this! They need to get outdoors!

  6. We love to go on nature walks as a family. I know the kids would love to collect special treasures as we walked for art projects. I love the turtle!

  7. I love this idea – and the picture is adorable. My daughter is always picking up leaves for projects, but we’ve never thought to make drawings with them. Love it to pieces. :)

  8. I recently talked about 5 fall crafts boys could do and this would fit perfectly with my theme. I love the little Caterpillar coming out of the leaf. Too cute.

  9. What a cute and creative idea for kids. My kids love collecting leaves and I am not very creative so we just glue them to a tree on paper, this is more fun!

  10. This is a really cute craft! I’d do this, but then I’d iron the paper between two sheets of wax paper to make placemats!

  11. We just made a collage today of leaves glued to paper! I wish I would have thought of making little creatures and scenes out of them, great idea! I will have to play with this idea next time!

  12. Wow, timing is everything. I wish I had seen this earlier. My son just had a project for school that he could have taken pointers from this. thank you for sharing.

  13. This sounds like a fun craft! I will have to try it out on my boys. Thanks for sharing!!

  14. I am one of the art docents for my daughter’s class and we have a leaf project on the calendar. I think adding the characters would be a fun twist on our project. Love what you guys came up with.

  15. Adorable idea! My daughter would have a blast bringing added personality to the leaves she finds. My favorite is the turtle!

  16. That turtle is my favorite. Well, I take that back, I think the little caterpillar crawling out of the leaf is. Well, I love them all and especially that this is so simple, yet really creative, and best yet, almost everyone has everything they need at hand! I’m going to do this with Gidget this weekend! I can’t wait to see what kind of ideas she comes up with, for the myriad variety of leaves we have around here.

  17. This is so cute!! I love how easy yet creative it is.

  18. I haven’t done leaf artwork with the kids in forever. I should take some time out once soccer ends this weekend and enjoy more crafts with them.

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