Favorite Things About Fall

Anyone else love fall. I literally have a countdown beginning the first day of September, and I always resist the urge to wear fall attire on the first day of fall. It may be 70 degrees outside, but I’m sure I can make those boots and flannel work.

Pumpkin Patch 2015

Our October is filled with events: hayrides, festivals, and family traditions fill our fall up to the brim. We go to the pumpkin patch; we carve the pumpkin… and I dream about making those cute pumpkin topiaries out of dollar tree plastic pumpkins but never do.  I do buy a number of glittery pumpkins from there every year.  Even if I don’t get that topiary made, they look darling just sitting around.  The sheer number of fall-themed decorations makes me reconsider yet another project… though I do love my burlap garland I made.

I’m often teased because I buy more Starbucks in October than I do in the whole year – not because I’m in love with their coffee, but those Pumpkin Lattes make me feel like fall.  And apple cider.  Oh my!

Progresso Soup

We also eat soup – a lot. Tomato bisque, chili, and potato soup are our favorites. What about you all? Do you have a favorite soup?  I love homemade but Progresso is convenient and delicious!   When I’m feeling especially healthy, acorn squash soup is divine, but I’m not quite sure what to pair with it. Do you eat grilled cheese sandwiches with acorn squash soup too? I love to cuddle up and watch movies with my husband while under a cozy blanket and warm soup.

When it comes down to it, I think I love fall the most because it isn’t hot. Seriously though, fall is my favorite because of the memories shared with people. My family always too advantage of the beautiful weather and local activities to create memories together when I was a youngster, so now I do that very same thing with my family.  Trips to the zoo, walks around the neighborhood, playing together at a park…they’re all special because of the people I’m spending time with.  Traditions are important, though not necessary or not always budget-minded, they do make our memories.

Pumpkin Cake

Pumpkin Cake

This is a story about a pumpkin cake.  A cake that was born in the mind of a busy mama months ago.  This week she finally sat down and made the cake.  All went as planned until she decided to leave it overnight instead of taking pictures right away.  Later she would find out that that was a bad idea because the cake would fall overnight.

She, well, I tried to salvage the best pictures I could the next day but it wasn’t quite as cute as the day of.  Above is a crummy picture I took from my iPad that evening when I finished the cake.  I sent it to a few blogging friends to get their feedback on it before I left it alone for the night.  I had no idea it would be the best picture I would get of it.  *sigh*  The next morning I wanted to cry.

You see, the cake I made wasn’t any old cake, it was a cake with a mound of whipped cream icing on top of it.  The directions say to serve right away or up to eight hours later.  I knew better than to leave it for 12 hours.  I knew better!  I guess baking and decorating a cake with a three year old didn’t leave me in the best state of mind for logical thinking.

Despite the sad outcome of the cake I put enough effort into it that I wanted to show it to you anyway.  Plus, it’s a great reminder that bloggers aren’t perfect!  Sometimes it’s okay to reveal that, right? :)

Miette Cookbook

My idea for the cake cake from the Miette cookbook, which I have to stop and say is absolutely adorable and full of useful tips for creating gorgeous cakes!

Fall Pumpkin Cake

Here’s a picture of it after it slumped a bit.  It’s the best picture I could get considering the circumstances.

Here’s the whole process of the cake in case you’d like to make one yourself.  Don’t forget to serve right away or within 8 hours! :)

Pumpkin Cake Tutorial

You can see here how the icing slumped along the sides.  All in all, it was still a really delicious cake that made my daughter and I made together.  I guess that’s not too bad.

Are there any baking projects that you would like to complete this fall?

Fall Tulle Wreath

Fall Tulle Wreath

This lovely wreath was made quickly using tulle and a metal wreath frame.  Simply curl the tulle and tie small sections around the metal frame.  Repeat until you get the thickness you’d like.  This wreath was completed by tying a cheap “Welcome” sign to the front of the wreath.  Voila!  This inexpensive wreath is adorable and can be made while watching TV one evening.

If you like this wreath please pin it so you can find it later and check out our Pumpkin Tulle Wreath too.

Leaf Craft for Kids

Leaves Craft

Now that fall is upon us our trees are starting to turn into the beautiful colors of autumn.  Instead of just raking up your leaves take a few minutes to enjoy them with this simple leaf craft for kids.  My daughter and I loved it!  It was fun to go outdoors, explore a little bit, and then come back inside to craft.  We tried crafting on the porch but it was too windy for that.

In case you can’t tell what my marvelous drawings are, one is a butterfly, one is a turtle, and one is a caterpillar who just took a bite out of that leaf.


  • – Paper
  • – Pen/Marker
  • – Leaves
  • – Glue
  • – Small twigs (optional)


Take a little stroll together around your yard and gather leaves of all sizes, shapes, and colors. Come back inside and lay out your treasures.

Come up with an animal or insect you would like to draw and play around with your leaves to see which ones resemble your animal.  Glue the leaves to the paper and then draw the remaining part of your picture.  Add small twigs or other crafty supplies to further embellish your creations.

You could draw a little caterpillar who ate his way through the leaf like I did on one of mine or you could draw a bunch of people and make them have crazy hair with leaves.  The options are endless.

Be silly, have fun, and enjoy nature!

Pumpkin Tulle Wreath

Pumpkin Tulle Wreath

This beautiful and inexpensive wreath was made using leftover tulle from a local girl scout parade float.  It’s never too early to teach kids about recycling and repurposing.  Look what beautiful decor was made from what would have otherwise been trash.  My daughter knows that any left over plastic container will be reused in our house.  They’re mainly used to store loose craft odds and ends but that’s another story.

Take a styrofoam wreath and wrap the tulle around, securing it with straight pins.  Add a little brown and green tulle for leaves and a stem.  Tie a burlap ribbon, add a little raffia, and voila!  You’re finished before you know it.

I hope you enjoy this pumpkin wreath craft as much as I did!